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Thrive Sports is a organization that was founded for three simple reasons...

1. For the love and passion of coaching kids.

2. The desire to make a change in a positive way.

3. Spread love like Christ through our programs.


My Story


I was from a very small town (POPULATION 300) growing up. My mother did not have the money to send me to basketball camp. During the start of the summer she made a deal with me. If I could raise half of the money then she could pay the rest of it. I spent the beginning of my summer working taking every odd job possible. Nobody would pay me well as a child so I made a donation jar out of a coffee can and construction paper. On the can it said, "Help send me to camp!" I would ride into "town" (which really was the next town over) every chance I got. At the local store I would perform basketball tricks and people would drop quarters, nickels, and dimes into the can. Eventually I accomplished my goal and got to go to camp! After school I got the opportunity to travel the USA and some different countries playing basketball and performing tricks! I played basketball for three different professional teams and was scouted by the Harlem Globetrotters it was fun and a cool experience! One of my main dreams/goals however was to run my own camps. I turned down two different contracts to play basketball, and only a year after that! I was living this dream! My mission is to reach as many kids as I possibly can. Below you can fill out a form and I will contact you back before the following business day.


Thanks, Coach Corey Sanders!


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