A sports camp that takes place after VBS and consists of all the same familiar games like Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, and includes sports like Basketball, Flag Football, and Soccer.


Covering the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting. These campers will not only improve their skills but have a great time learning about the gospel as well!


A multi-sport camp consisting of fun games like Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, and other games revolving around classic sports like Basketball, Flag Football, and Soccer.


This camp features dodgeball in many different forms. Kids learn throwing, catching, dodging, as well as basic dodgeball strategy. We use Rhino Skin (soft) Dodgeballs and group kids by age.


For our younger kids, ages 3.5 - 6 years olds, this camp will feature the basics of basketball, indoor soccer, and lots of other fun & goofy games like Mr. Clock, sharks and minnows, and parachute play.


Coaching the skill positions: Wide Receiver, Running Back, and Quarterback, campers will learn the basics of playing these positions and participate in lots of scrimmaging.

School Assemblies

We are also motivational speakers! We will come to your school and do a 45 minute speech with crowd interactive games and basketball tricks! We discuss many topics including bullying, goal setting, and much more.

1 0n 1 Lessons

We can individually train your child for basketball and conditioning for all sports. Utilizing special drills to develop your players ability to handle the basketball and learn the game from former professionals.


We coach birthday parties!! We have a lot of fun running games and interacting with the children at the party. From capture the flag, flag football, and dodgeball we can run a birthday party for your child and can guarantee a lot of fun! See you soon!


We can host events!

From halftimes performances, summer reading programs, and much more. We have experience and specialized skills to entertain. Pumping up your crowd with basketball tricks, music, speaking, and trick dunks! Invite us out to have some fun!

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